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Anna Durak

LMBT NC# 19261, CPT, PTA

Anna is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (NC), physical therapist assistant (NC, NY) and a personal trainer certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also holds a Master’s degree in public administration. Her experience includes work in  hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient physical therapy and chiropractic practices. She had a privilege of working with many populations and age groups helping her clients reach their goals in various stages of their journey to better health. From ICU patients being at their most vulnerable point in life, to athletes and Broadway performers at the peak of their form and career.

Anna understands that health is the greatest gift of all. She is a life long learner fascinated by the human body’s ability to heal and recover if given  proper tools. Her passion lies in providing high quality interventions to  help her clients live a pain free and healthy life.

Anna takes an analytical approach to bodywork and manual therapy with a focus on biomechanics and optimal movement patterns. She is passionate about providing thoughtful , holistic, highly individualized care, combining a variety of manual, neuromuscular, and movement techniques to restore function and mobility. She believes in treating the whole person, not just the diagnosis. Anna lives the philosophy of ongoing improvement, and because she continuously augments her knowledge with training and continued education courses, she is always improving on the quality of care she offers to her clients. She currently undergoes a mentorship in functional neurology.

Outside of work, she enjoys being active and spending time with her husband and daughter.



Tracie L. 

"If you are reading this, you have now found the absolute BEST therapist. I began seeing Anna after jaw surgery. I was doing PT and seeing a chiropractor weekly and at times more to control pain and tension. After a few visits with Anna, I dropped the chiropractor and other PT, as I felt amazing. Muscles I didn’t even know I had finally relaxed, movement improved and pain and discomfort receded. She works from an extensive knowledge of the body and movement that I have not experienced with other therapists. She is not only knowledgeable, she is kind, gentle and easy to work with, and very generous with her knowledge as her desire is to see you well. Absolutely the BEST! "

Michele D.

“I have Lupus and suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain. Anna’s approach to massage is unique. She is able to zone in on trouble spots immediately, loosening tight joints and muscles. Anna’s background is unique in that she has worked in physical therapy. This gives her a greater understanding of the human anatomy and how to use massage techniques to treat pain. My joints and muscles feel much better now that I am getting regular massages. I recommend Anna as a massage therapist to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.”


"I have worked with Anna as my massage therapist for several months now and had at least 8+ massages. Anna continues to impress me with her ability to listen, understand my pain points and challenges (e.g. tight neck from working at the computer, increasing my range of motion, etc.) and most importantly with not just treating the symptoms, but identifying and helping address the root cause. 

I have personally seen great results and improvements from working with Anna. When I had my first massage with Anna, I had observed a tingling sensation in my left fingertips, that had started about 1-2 weeks prior. After a few massages the tingling disappeared and has not returned to this day. Since then we have worked on a number of other areas and I feel her massages have contributed to improving my overall well-being and flexibility. If you are looking for a holistic, but also tailored massage experience, I highly recommend that you give Anna a try. I am certain that you won’t regret it.”


When I first saw Anna I was experiencing knee, hip, and lower back pain that made it uncomfortable to function daily.  After just one visit she was able to correct my body mechanics.  She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field.  I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing body aches and pain.  

Shelly Tatem

I have been going to Anna for over a year. I was recovering from surgery she worked on my lymphatic system. I have never felt better in my life. If your looking for a massage therapist she is the best!!!

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