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Anna Durak

LMBT NC# 19261, CPT, PTA

“I love supporting my clients in their journey to better health. Being able to teach people about their own bodies and see them grow more interested in their own health is what motivates me every day. This is a truly unique and deeply personal journey for each client. 
Working together in collaboration and as a team is the key to OUR success!”

Anna is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (NC), physical therapist assistant (NC,NY) and personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration obtained in her native Poland. She is a lifelong learner constantly in awe of the human body’s ability to heal and recover if given the proper tools. Anna firmly believes that health is the greatest gift of all. Her passion lies in providing high quality interventions to aid her clients in living a pain free and healthy life. She is an advocate of holistic healthcare as an integral part of a wholesome lifestyle. As each client has unique and differing needs, Anna individualizes all her treatment

plans based on the client’s current state of health and the goals they desire to meet. She is passionate about providing thoughtful, holistic, highly individualized

care using cross-discipline treatments emphasizing alignment and precision movements that offer long-lasting results. She believes in treating the whole

person, not just the diagnosis.

Anna takes an analytical approach to bodywork and manual therapy with a focus on biomechanics and optimal movement patterns. She has gained a wealth of experience with this approach in many different environments. Her experience includes care for patients in the hospital and nursing home setting, as well as outpatient physical therapy and chiropractic practices. She has worked with ICU patients at their most vulnerable point in life, as well as with athletes and Broadway performers at the peak of their form and career.

Anna lives the philosophy of ongoing improvement and she continuously augments her knowledge with training and continued education seminars with the goal of optimizing the quality of care she offers to her clients. Currently she is undergoing a mentorship in functional neurology which will be an exciting new

avenue for coming treatment options.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys being active pursuing everything from pilates classes to just a beautiful stroll through the neighborhood. Her family is truly where her heart is. Every moment that is not spent following her passion in her work is spent with her husband and daughter.

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